Meet our team

We are more than a consulting firm; we are a workshop. We design and tailor our projects to fit the contexts and requirements of clients and partners, whatever their circumstances and stages of development. We value close working relationships and often partner with organizations long-term or on successive assignments.


Sarah Lutman

Sarah Lutman founded Lutman & Associates, now 8 Bridges Workshop, in March 2012. Since then she has pursued a wide variety of projects with clients in cultural, public media, and philanthropic organizations. Her experience as an entrepreneur and innovator is well-documented in projects across these sectors in the Twin Cities as well as the Bay Area, where she spent her early career. For more information on Lutman’s background, work and volunteer experience, please visit her LinkedIn profile.


Anika Fajardo

Anika Fajardo is a writer, editor, teacher, and former academic librarian. She has a Master's in Library and Information Science and is passionate about connecting people and information whether on the printed page, online, or via emerging platforms. See more about her background and experience on her website.


Jessica Fiala
Research Associate

Jessica Fiala holds an interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Museum Studies & Cultural Studies and continues to research, write, and present work in the areas of Museum Studies and Performance Studies. Jessica is also a performing artist and company member of Ragamala Dance. To learn more about her background, experience, and volunteer work, visit her LinkedIn profile.


Shawn McConneloug

Shawn is cofounder of The Gymnasium, a consortium of creative risk takers from in and outside the arts, and of Gym T(h)inking a highly creative approach to idea generation. She holds a self- designed degree in Interdisciplinary Performance and Neuroscience from the University of Minnesota; her research passions include embodied cognition and the neural foundations of creativity. To learn more about Shawn’s background and experience you can visit her Linked In profile or The Gymnasium.


Recent collaborators:

Jessica Clark, Founder
Dot Connector Studio

Christine Dwyer, Senior Vice President
RMC Research

Janis Lane Ewart. Principal
Collective Eye Productions

Jocelyn Hale, Principal
MillerHale Associates

Andee Mazzocco, Owner

Amanuel Medhanie, Principal

Elana Schwartzman, Founder, Fontlove Studio

Beck Tench


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