A New Name, a Fresh Vision

We're excited to announce the launch of 8 Bridges Workshop, a refreshed, rebranded, and reimagined vision for Lutman & Associates.

With a six-year track record of influential projects and reports, new associates and collaborators, and a growing body of work, we want to:

CONNECT: give a name to the work we do—the active process at the heart of our work. Whether connecting with people, ideas, research, or resources, we think leaders and organizations thrive when they’re connected and engaged.

PARTNER: call out the ways we work with clients and collaborators, not only for them. We’re a workshop, not a consulting firm.

GROW: build capacity to grow a larger business. We want to begin new activities, and welcome new collaborators, principals, and associates.

Why 8 Bridges? That’s the number of ways you can cross the Mississippi River from our offices in Saint Paul. (Unless you go by boat or freight train!) Go ahead, count them (Lafayette, Robert, Wabasha, Smith, Lexington, Fort Road, Ford, Marshall)! And the idea of bridging is central to our work, as connectors, partners, and capacity builders.

Connect with us at info@8bridgesworkshop.com and visit 8 Bridges Workshop on LinkedIn. In the coming months, watch for new projects, ideas, and reports.

Need help with something? Welcome to our workshop! We’d love to reconnect with you and see how we can help you and your organization achieve your goals.